Friday, June 17, 2016

Flashback Friday- HLCCA Conference 2012

It’s Flashback Friday—and with just four weeks to go to this year’s event, we’re going to take a look back at Conference 2012 in Kansas City! 
Conference 2012
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
(Embassy Suites Country Club Plaza) 
Dates: July 12–15, 2012
• Welcome mixer: “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”

• Afternoon shopping event at Pryde’s of Old Westport
• 4 seminars
• Friday night consignment auction
• Show and Sale
• 10 judged exhibits
• Floral arrangement competition
• Tablescape competition
• Awards banquet 
• Post-banquet auction
• Business meeting and closing session 

Judged Exhibits: 

Fiesta Juice Pitchers and Tumblers—exhibited by Andy and Jane Flachs
Fiesta, Rhythm, and Jubilee sets, featuring pitchers and tumblers in all the proper shades. 
HLC Ephemera—exhibited by Andy and Jane Flachs
A wide assortment of Fiesta and Fiesta Kitchen Kraft price lists. 
Homer on the Range — exhibited by Melicety Deatherage
An extensive sampling of the many Western-inspired patterns found on HLC dinnerware. 
Wells Art Glazes—exhibited by Ken Clardy
A broad array of the distinctive shapes and glazes in the Wells Art line. 
That’s All, Folks — Jennifer Flory
The partnership between HLC and Warner Brothers yielded some great Fiesta pieces decorated with many of the familiar WB characters. 
Swing Eggshell: Homer Laughlin’s Most Delicate Shape — Andrea Bradford and Jerry Lefever 
Settings of four key Swing decorations and examples of nearly all available Swing pieces. 
Fies-tada! — Joe and Michele Boeckholt
Surprising illusions featuring HLC pottery. 
Homer Laughlin: The Early Years, American Domination of Whiteware — Jeff Kolodey and David Schaefer
Examples of shapes introduced 1873–1919, as HLC was becoming the “Greatest china factory in the world.” 
Flat-Bottomed Teacups and Flat-Bottomed Saucers —exhibited by Ben Brian C. Buckles
Conference-goers had the opportunity to see and feel the difference between regular and flat-bottomed Fiesta teacups. 
American Provincial–Rhythm — exhibited by Larry Brantley and Tom Healy
Six placesettings and many serving pieces in Rhythm with the American Provincial decoration.
“Inventing the Modern World—decorative Arts at the Worlds Fairs, 1851–1939” — Michelle Boeckholt
“HLC’s Swing Shape” — Jerry Lefever
 “Come Over to My House” — Kathy Holley (presenters Lynne Liberato, Harold Cook, and Rebecca Donaldson)
“Conversation with HLC” — Dave Conley 

Grand Award: Jeff Kolodey and David Schaefer
Gold Awards: Joe and Michele Boeckholt, Andrea Bradford and Jerry Lefever, Ben Brian C. Buckles, Ken Clardy, Melicety Deatherage, Jennifer Flory, Jeff Kolodey and David Schaefer. 
Silver Award: Larry Brantley and Tom Healy, Andy and Jane Flachs
Bronze Award: Andy and Jane Flachs 
People’s Choice Award:  (tie) Joe and Michele Boechelt / Andrea Bradford and Jerry Lefever
Floral Arrangement People’s Choice Award: Trish Loven
Tablescape People’s Choice Award: Trish Loven
Best Dish Article: Ryan Goldner, “Big Apple Fiesta”
Homer and Shakespeare Award: David Schaefer
President’s Award: Dave Conley
What a Dish—Best Banquet Costume: Saarin Schwartz
Raspberry Award: Craig Wiman

Conference exclusive pieces and gifts: 
Red stripe pedestal bowl
Centerpieces: Red stripe teapots, Red stripe cream and sugar sets
Ornaments: First Fire Flamingo ornament, HLCCA logo on black ornament

The Conference location offered lots of opportunities for off-site treks: great barbecue restaurants, a wonderful exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and of course, shopping and margaritas at Pryde’s of Old Westport, with an amazing array of Fiesta, linens, kitchenwares, and delicious baked goods. 

The opening mixer combined a wild mix of characters and games inspired by the movie “The Wizard of Oz” with a healthy dose of Fiesta’s newest color, flamingo! Decorations included origami ruby slippers and handcrafted red poppies, accented with inflatable flamingoes and pink feather boas.  
An amazing “family reunion” took place at this Conference, when two rare vintage Fiesta jugs (1 pint and 1-1/2 pint) joined their familiar big sibling, the 2-pint jug for a special display. 
The HLCCA’s 1944 commemorative juice pitcher was unveiled: Dancing to the Big Bands on marigold.

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