Friday, June 10, 2016

Flashback Friday: HLCCA Conference 2011

It’s Flashback Friday—and we’re going back just five years to HLCCA’s big bash to commemorate Fiesta’s 75th anniversary!  
Conference 2011
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Embassy Suites Hotel) 
Dates: July 21–24, 2011
• Welcome mixer: “Mexican Street Market”
• Bus trip to HLC. Hall China, and East Liverpool for tours and shopping
• 3 seminars
• Friday night consignment auction
• Show and Sale
• 6 judged exhibits
• Floral arrangement competition
• Tablescape competition
• Awards banquet 
• Post-banquet auction
• Business Meeting and Closing session 

Judged Exhibits: 
A Tale of Two Glazes—exhibited by Sue Bishop
A display of dishes in HLC’s vintage Vellum and Clair de Lune glazes.
Laughlin Art China Tankards—exhibited by Chuck Denlinger
Many hard-to-find examples of HLC’s beautiful tankards from its art china lines.
Rare from the Fair — exhibited by Steve Douglas
An extensive selections from HLC’s American Potter exhibit at the New York World’s Fair. 
Serene Green—exhibited by Jerry Lefever
Vintage light green, as used on a wide array of HLC pieces. 
Dazzling Clematis — exhibited by Jerry Lefever and Elaine Epperly
HLC’s popular clematis decal, as found on a number of different shapes. 
Years Gone By —exhibited by Sid and Maryann Cannon
A look back at exclusive pieces and souvenirs from HLCCA’s first 12 Conferences. 
“DISHES” documentary showing
 “Come On Over to My House” — Daphne Durham (presenters Melicety Deatherage, Angela Solie, Andrea Bradford)
“Conversation with HLC” — Dave Conley 

Keynote Presentation: 
Daphne Durham, “Reminiscences of a Dancing Lady”

Grand Award: Steve Douglas
Gold Awards: Jerry Lefever, Elaine Epperly and Jerry Lefever, Sue Bishop, Steve Douglas
Silver Award: Chuck Denlinger
Bronze Award: Sid and Maryann Cannon
People’s Choice Award:  Steve Douglas
Floral Arrangement People’s Choice Award: Ryan Goldner
Tablescape People’s Choice Award: Ryan Goldner
Best Dish Article: Candy Fagerlin, “A 75th Anniversary Buffet”
Homer and Shakespeare Award: Elaine Epperly
President’s Award: Daphne Durham
What a Dish—Best Banquet Costume: Laura Breaux
Raspberry Award: Elaine Epperly

Conference exclusive pieces and gifts: 
• Marigold stick-handle demitasse cup and saucer (two sets for each attendee, 
  courtesy The Homer Laughlin China Company)
• Etched wine glass
• Centerpieces: Marigold tureens
   Marigold pyramid candleholders
• Ornament: Marigold embossed teapot 

New this year was a tour of the Hall China Company. HLC and Hall had been working together for several years and recently, HLC purchased Hall. Attendees got to see the marigold soup tureens being made and observe the differences between the two companies’ production facilities. Hall’s operations are smaller and newer, and all under one roof. Extremely high heat and humidity kept the tours brief! 

The Mexican Street Market opening mixer was opened with a ceremonial ribbon cutting by El Alcalde (The Mayor) Jack Bond, and featured wonderful costumes with south of the border style and colors. Sombreros, serapes, maracas, and even a Chihuahua were featured decorations. 

The HLCCA’s 1943 commemorative juice pitcher was unveiled: the Clipper airplane on turquoise.

- submitted by Kathy Holley and David Schaefer

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