Conference Location Guidelines

HLCCA Conference Locations
The HLCCA invites you to participate in scouting locations for future conferences. 

Having local contacts/HLCCA members in host cities is important in planning conference locations – members who are willing to receive shipped merchandise, store materials for the conference, plus do local legwork in coordinating the conference. Following are additional variables to consider when scouting hotels for conference locations.

1. Available meeting space needed in the facility 
Each year the conference events and schedules can adapt to an individual facility, however, normally the conference functions basically include:

- Wednesday: storage room(s) / board meeting room

- Thursday: storage room(s) / mixer room(s) / auction room (pre-setup)

- Friday: storage room(s) / breakfast/meeting room / seminar room(s) / auction room   
   (Need access to show and sale room in the evening for dealer pre-Saturday-setup)

- Saturday: storage room(s) / show and sale room / exhibit room(s) / seminar room(s)  
  / banquet and auction room (also pre-banquet atrium or open area for cocktail hour)

- Sunday: storage room(s) / breakfast/meeting room

2. The hotel choice needs to be in close proximity to airport to help keep attendee travel expense down (Free shuttle or hotel shuttle is a plus. If not available how accessible is taxi fare, i.e.: reasonable taxi rates or car rental agencies?

3. The Hotel accommodations needed is presently set for approx. 300-325 members (meeting room space, banquet room space, and seminar/exhibits space need to reflect this amount of attendance.)

4. Storage Room(s) – need to be in close proximity/on same floor of ballrooms/exhibit rooms/dealer rooms, if possible – plus easy access from parking lot – or close to elevators.
 (Two/three keys are needed for officers/ need 24-hour accessibility)

5. Meeting/Exhibit/Dealer Rooms – meeting room space is gratis/no charge pending hotel contract, including room nights and catering charges. This will be discussed with hotel sales staff and HLCCA officers.  But, need to make sure this option is available -- No charge for meeting room space.

- for mixer room: open atrium space plus room (averaging 7,480 sq. ft.)
- for seminars/auctions: theater style seating for 275-325 (averaging 4,950 sq. ft)
- for dealer room: averaging 3,700 sq ft.
- for exhibit room: averaging 3,700 sq. ft.
- for banquet room: 275-300 in rounds of 8 (plus or minus --averaging 7,480 sq. feet)

6. The Banquet Rooms (catering) need to accommodate rounds of 8 (this is preferred by attendees – not the 10 per table that is sometimes hotel norm)

7. Hotel Menus: hotel must offer full service catering --- included during the event normally are: 
- Friday: breakfast menu
- Friday evening: pre-auction hors d’oeuvres / snack menu
- Saturday: banquet menu
- Sunday: breakfast menu
Catering staff will negotiate rates and pricing structure with HLCCA officers. 

8. Tables throughout the event: banquet tables, exhibit tables, mixer tables, dealer tables, auction tables and registration tables. These are normally included gratis / no charge. If there is a fee it needs to be indicated. 

Also, what is the maximum quantity of tables available? (What size? – 6ft or 8ft or both) or if they can acquire more if their max is met without meeting our needs. (The most tables – average- needed during one (1) day are between 90-95 tables - Saturday) 

Table set-ups include hotel-supplied table skirt and tablecloth. Banquet tables (Saturday) will have custom decorations and pottery/dinnerware supplied by HLCCA (as well as incorporate hotel supplied accessories ie: votive candles or  decorative table mirrors. The Thursday mixer table room layout will be supplied by HLCCA and will indicate whether electric outlets, etc are needed.

9. Easy access to dealer room(s) and exhibit room(s) (from parking lot or driveway) for dealers to unload and load – preferably close to the Saturday show and sale/ dealer room, plus easy access to elevators (so dealers can unload their merchandise to their rooms if they prefer.

10. The hotel rates are within the $109-119+ range for single/double registration. (The HLCCA officers will negotiate this rate with the hotel management. This rate is handled between hotel sales staff and HLCCA officers, not negotiated by members scouting the hotel. But keep this average rate in mind when scouting hotels – basically asking for possible group conference rates.

11. Room Block: Average conference room block is 125 to 150. Is there flexibility in the contract to increase or decrease room block for attendees if needed?

12. Hotel amenities: Free parking and free breakfasts are a plus. Attendees also prefer free internet. (This is normally discussed during contract, between hotel staff and HLCCA officers.) There are a minimum amount of attendees requiring smoking rooms, however major hotel chains have or are approaching a total non-smoking polity. (Refrigerators and microwaves in rooms are also a plus.)

13. Tourism Opportunities.  When possible, access to local antique shopping, malls, restaurants, tourism options is a plus. (Is it necessary to rent a local bus to reach these locations?) Contact the local Chamber of Commerce or Tourism board for pre-printed materials, flyers, maps, etc. that HLCCA can include on the registration tables and/or individual registration packets.

14. Local Dealer Participation: Inquire into the local antique community for any interest in participating in the conference show and sale or additional sponsorship.

15. Conference Pottery and Materials Storage: Local storage facilities are needed to hold conference pottery and materials prior to the conference dates (preferably near or within short distance to the hotel) with a local contact person to coordinate receiving and unloading/storing shipments as they become available throughout the year to store for the conference. Please contact Harold Cook  at to discuss further information.  

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