Friday, May 13, 2016

Flashback Friday: HLCCA Conference 2007

Ahoy, mateys! Grab yer scabbard and eyepatch and let’s flashback to the pirate-themed HLCCA Conference of 2007! 
Conference 2007
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Embassy Suites Hotel)
Dates: July 19–22, 2007 
• Welcoming mixer: “Pottery Pirates on HLCCA Pottery Isle”
• HLC factory tour and shopping in Newell and East Liverpool 
• 2 seminars
• Friday night consignment auction
• Show and Sale
• 5 judged exhibits, 2 non-judged
• Floral arrangement competition
• Awards banquet and keynote speaker
• Post-banquet auction
• Annual meeting 

Judged Exhibits: 

Laughlin Art China—exhibited by Chuck Denlinger
An extensive display of 11 patterns available in Laughlin Art China.
Employee Christmas at HLC—exhibited by Sid Cannon
Ten year’s worth of items given to HLC salaried employees at their annual holiday luncheon.

Good Morning America — exhibited by Linda O’Zee
A vintage Fiesta breakfast setting of green and red. 
Non-Judged Exhibits: 

Court of Honor: display of the 1999 Grand Award–winning exhibit—exhibited by Fred Mutchler
A reprise of the popular recreation of the vintage 1939 Fiesta Ensemble service, including additional items procured in the last five years.
Jubilation — exhibited by Jerry Lefever
Two table settings using HLC’s pastel-glazed Jubilee.
This and That — exhibited by Andy and Jane Flachs
Unusual HLC items found in 17 years of collecting.

Pastel Rose—exhibited by Jerry LeFever
A full set of the Pastel Rose treatment on HLC’s Yellowstone shape. 
“Come On Over to My Place: Collectors’ Show and Tell” — Daphne Durham
“Conversation with HLC” — Dave Conley 

Grand Award: Chuck Denlinger
Gold Award: Sid Cannon, Chuck Denlinger, Linda O’Zee 
People’s Choice Award:  Linda O’Zee
Floral Arrangement People’s Choice Award: Rebecca Donaldson and Jeff Kestner
Best Dish Article: Leon and Martha Drebes, “50 Years with Fiesta Dinnerware”
Homer and Shakespeare Award: Daphne Durham
President’s Award: Merrill Miller
Best Costume: Sheri Wadkins
Raspberry Award: Chuck Denlinger
Conference exclusive pieces and gifts: 
Heather 8” vase with gold striping at the top and bottom
Centerpieces: 10” heather vase with gold striping at the top and bottom
Ornaments: First Fire Evergreen (courtesy HLC)
First Edition of HLCCA ornaments -- HLCCA logo in gold on plum. This was the first year to introduce HLCCA ornaments
Banquet Keynote Speaker:
Harry Anderson, sculpture artist, utilizing found objects; he also collects Fiesta and Harlequin, and created the book Fiestaisms.

This Conference marked a couple of firsts: it was the first Conference at the Embassy Suites, which has become our regular Pittsburgh hotel, and it was the first Conference where there was a floral arrangement competition. 

The tour of HLC this Conference included a very special privilege: the opportunity to visit the showroom, a lavish setting for a large display of HLC’s wares past and present where buyers come to see the range of dinnerware available and some of the many custom creations for specific restaurants. 

The HLCCA’s 1939 commemorative juice pitcher was unveiled: a two-sided design on cobalt, featuring the New York Worlds Fair on one side and the Gold Gate International Exposition on the other.  

- submitted by Kathy Holley and David Schaefer

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