Friday, May 6, 2016

Flashback Friday: HLCCA Conference 2006

It’s Friday, so it’s time to hit the road for another “away” Conference—let’s Flashback to 2006 and a great time in St. Louis! 
Conference 2006: Meet Us in St. Louis
Location: St. Louis, Missouri (Millennium Hotel)
Dates: July 13–16, 2006
• Welcoming mixer: “Fair Midway of Games”
• Sightseeing in St. Louis (optional attractions): Gateway Arch, Botanical Gardens, Annheuser-Busch brewery, St. Louis Art Museum
• 4 seminars
• Friday night consignment auction
• Show and Sale
• 5 judged exhibits, 2 non-judged
• Awards banquet and keynote speaker
• Post-banquet auction
• Annual meeting 

Judged Exhibits: 
Fiesta and Nautilus in Harmony—exhibited by Sue Bishop
Both lines of dinnerware were brand new in 1936, and Harmony sets sometimes combined the two. 
Ceramic Artistry—The Substance of an Art Director’s Imagination — exhibited by Fred Mutchler
An exhibit of rare and exemplary pieces by HLC’s ceramic artisans over the past 130+ years.
Fiesta Casual: Hawaiian Daisy in Paradise — exhibited by Linda O’Zee
A table in paradise, set with Hawaiian Daisy Fiesta.
The Wonderful World of HLC Ornaments—exhibited by Maryann and Sid Cannon
How the ornaments are made and a wide variety of the many available.
Rhythm in the Nifty Fifties — exhibited by Jennifer Flory
HLC’s Rhythm with the Lotus Hei pattern is the focal point of this exhibit that incorporated other 1950s icons. 
Non-Judged Exhibits: 

The American Potter Exhibit—exhibited by Steve Douglas
HLC was one of five potteries to host the American Potter exhibit at the 1939–40 New York World’s Fair.
Cobalt Fantasy — exhibited by Jerry Lefever
A table set with a cobalt blue and white theme using HLC’s Blue Fantasy and P86 Fiesta. 
“Restoration” — Suzy Lytle, member of the American Institute for Conservation
“Harlequin 101” — Becky Turner
“Come On Over to My Place: Collectors Show and Tell” — Daphne Durham
“Conversation with HLC” — Dave Conley 

Grand Award: Maryann and Sid Cannon
Gold Award: Jennifer Flory, Maryann and Sid Cannon, Fred Mutchler 
Silver Award: Sue Bishop, Linda O’Zee
People’s Choice Award:  Steve Douglas
Best Dish Article: Wayne Davis, “It Was 20 Years Ago—The World Premier”
Homer and Shakespeare Award: Kathy Holley
President’s Award: Jerry Lefever
Best Costume: Rebecca Donaldson
Raspberry Award: Joan Stock

Conference exclusive pieces and gifts: 
Peacock chili bowl and saucer with Lewis and Clark/Gateway Arch logo
Centerpieces: Peacock disk pitcher with Lewis and Clark/Gateway Arch logo
Heather pizza tray with Lewis and Clark/Gateway Arch logo
Ornament: First Fire Heather (courtesy HLC)

Banquet Keynote Speaker:
David Conradsen, Assistant Curator, Department of Decorative Arts and Design, St. Louis Art Museum

The mighty Mississippi was within viewing distance from the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis. The famous Gateway Arch was just a 10-minute walk across the street. Another popular attraction for Conference-goers was an installation by world-famous glass artist Dale Chihuly at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 

Friday night’s auction had some of the most memorable helpers ever: unauthorized guests Scarlet and Vanna showed up to display the wares. The two lovely ladies did a great job, but then disappeared and weren’t seen again for the rest of the weekend. A mystery! 

The HLCCA’s 1938 commemorative juice pitcher was unveiled: the 20th Century Limited passenger train on scarlet. 
Not-so-fun memory of the Conference—the elevators at the high-rise hotel were extremely slow and often caused delays when attendees sometimes had to wait up to half an hour for an elevator. Others chose to take the stairs—even going up 13 stories! 

This was another hot, hot, hot Conference, with temperatures in the 90s and high humidity. One day after Conference concluded, St. Louis was struck by very strong thunderstorms that caused damage to the hotel where we had stayed and lengthy power outages in the city. 

- submitted by Kathy Holley and David Schaefer

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