Wednesday, June 18, 2014

 How Cool Is This! 
Collectors purchasing HLCCA Retro Stripe products 
enabled HLCCA to donate 
over $16,000.00 in ONE year - 2013 - 
to charities -
Mission Tuition Foundation (Dollars for Scholars Foundation) 
and Museum of Ceramics, East Liverpool, Ohio!!!! 
So Cool!!!

BUY the REAL deal! Check for the © HLCCA backstamp!
All HLCCA Retro Stripe products have HLCCA backstamps
(except for the salt and pepper -- base too small to fire on a decal backstamp)

Buy it REAL - the REAL deal! BUY THE GENUINE!
With the popularity of the Retro Red Stripe introduced by the HLCCA during conference 2009, HLCCA Blue Stripe has been highly successful
enabling the continued source for charitable donations!

Watch for further information, updates and surprises. We are excited!!

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  1. Very cool - so proud of the charitable work we do!