Monday, June 16, 2014

Attention HLCCA Conference 2014 Attendees:
Everyone registered to attend this year's annual 
HLCCA Conference 2014 
 is invited to don his-or-her's finest vintage apparel 
for the costume contest during the 
Saturday evening awards banquet, 
July 12, 2014.

...and WHAT will YOU be wearing!
Simply dress up in your most glamorous, bedazzled or 
outrageous vintage attire for the banquet 
and the best of show People's Choice Award 
will be chosen by ballot Saturday Night during the banquet. 
See you at the Conference!! 
(costuming is optional to the banquet)
The winner will receive an exclusive 
"What a Dish" Fiesta® Carafe! 
Start planning your outfit today!

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