Monday, December 23, 2013

Fiesta's Black Glaze

Fiesta's Black Glaze

Black is not my favorite glaze color for Fiesta, and it is often overlooked and not purchased by Fiesta collectors.  After all many food items served on black plates are not especially appealing!   Still, I think black is an attractive and very dignified color for certain items including:  teapots, coffeepots, vases, candle holders, sugars, and creamers.  Cups and mugs are also attractive in black, especially when the drink is lightened with a little cream!  

It is easy to understand why HLC has kept their black glaze in production throughout the entire Post ’86 Fiesta run!

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Join

The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association

The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association is the premier organization for those interested in Homer Laughlin China.

The HLCCA is a non-profit 501(C)(3) all volunteer association, formed in July 1998, for the purpose of sharing information about HLC’s 19th and 20th, and now 21st century dinnerware lines with collectors, libraries, museums, and others interested in the important roles that HLC has had in American dinnerware design. 

Joining the HLCCA

There are a few easy ways to join the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association (HLCCA):
1. The simplest is visit the HLCCA website and click on the "join us" button -- a web page opens up with a few methods of joining.
2. Can join online as a single membership or household/couple membership (either US or Canadian)
3. Can download the membership form, (print, fill out, and mail it in)
4. or email HLCCA at with your address, etc and a membership form can be emailed or mailed to you if you are unable to download the online file.

Here are some of the basics (as of 7/2016):

There is a yearly membership fee:
$45 for single membership
$55 for single (Canadian) membership
$75 for couples/household* membership
$85 for couples/household* (Canadian) membership

*(A couples/household membership consists of a membership for two persons and both must have the same address.)

The fee includes:
• a limited edition HLCCA membership Fiesta® ornament,
• the quarterly issues of The Dish publication,
• discounts on HLCCA Fiesta® exclusives,
• discounted rate for registration to the yearly HLCCA Conference (a Thursday-thru-Sunday event held every other year in the Pittsburgh area - with factory tours, conference exclusives, lots of giveaways, exhibits, auctions, etc -- with alternate years being held in other states.)

If you have any questions about the association feel free to ask via email .
• The association is approx 1200+ members (December, 2013) who are a diverse group of all ages, including beginners as well as advanced collectors who collect a wide range of HLC wares... (with a large focus on vintage and contemporary Fiesta® dinnerware)

• Two of the HLCCA's key charitable causes are in supporting the Tri-State Area Tuition Mission Foundation (formerly the Dollars for Scholars scholarship program) and The Museum of Ceramics, in East Liverpool, Ohio. Any interest or inquiries about these programs can be addressed by contacting HLCCA at

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Attention HLCCA Members! 
It's that time again!!
The NEW winter issue of "The Dish" will be soon showing up in your mailboxes.

Lots of exciting, informative articles, photos, 
and order forms for new HLCCA exclusives in this packed full issue!

Friday, October 25, 2013

HLC Specialty Bowls

Homer Laughlin’s Specialty Bowls


Collectors will occasionally find HLC specialty bowls that were not part of a dinnerware set.  Most of the bowls have a central decal and added color at the rim, but there are exceptions.   

Many different decals or edge decoration colors were applied to the same bowl shape.  Because the bowls are varied in shape and decoration, they are fun to collect, they create a wonderful display, and they are a great addition to any HLC collection.

Eight specialty bowls are pictured below.  The first seven photos include the bowl’s shape name and potter’s mark.  The last photo shows a shape, which I have not yet been able to identify.







Jerry Lefever

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homer Laughlin enjoyed traveling ---

Homer Laughlin traveled extensively in 1909 in a trip with his daughter,
"... crossed the Pacific and traveled westward through Japan, Northern China, Korea, 
Java, Ceylon and India. In due time they reached Egypt, going up the Nile 
and later visited Constantinople, Athens, Palermo, Naples and Europe. ...

"And this month, 103 years ago, in October, 1910, he was returning 
from a 2-month New England travel trip, driving in his Lozier luxury motor car 
with his son (and wife), and daughter along the coastline, 
then shipped his car back to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles.American Tourist - 1910, August and October

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

45 years ago today ---
October 12, 1968
The Piggly Wiggly was offering a great deal on the
Sheffield AMBERSTONE dinnerware,
in The News & Courier, Charleston, SC

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yellow Orchid Yellowstone

This is not the easiest to find treatment on the Yellowstone shape, but it is quite attractive!  The sugar is an early version where the lid sits on an inner rim on the base.  Yellowstone was introduced in 1926 and the sugar was remodeled about three years later so the lid would sit on the top rim of the bowl.  

Here is the matching gravy, which was made in 1929.  The Y-55 mark is the treatment number.  I do not know the original name of the treatment, but I am calling it Yellow Orchid.

The following close-up shows the details of the decorative treatment.  It appears that four colors were used for this decal: black, gray, yellow, and orange.

Jerry Lefever

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Attention HLCCA members

— Introduced during the HLCCA Conference 2013 —
 The Retro Red Stripe Fiesta® mini disk pitcher.

Order forms are included in the Fall Issue of The Dish.
Also available: 10" plates, 9" plates, tumblers, ramekins, 
rangetop salt/pepper sets, and 7" plates.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Princeton Shape

Princeton Shape

In the summer 2013 Dish, Mark Gonzalez’s article covered the very rare Princeton shape, and showed a 9” plate with a maroon decoration.  Here is another Princeton plate from Fred Mutchler’s collection with a royal blue decoration.

Below are close ups of the very intricate blue decal and the embossed areas on the plate.  The blue decals wonderfully complements the bright white Princeton body. 

Below are close ups of the very intricate blue decal and the embossed areas on the plate.  The blue decals wonderfully complements the bright white Princeton body. 

Jerry Lefever

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fiesta and Best China Mugs

This Fiesta mug was made for KSTP, a television station one mile from my home in Minnesota. The mug was used to advertise KSTP’s new color broadcast cap ability. The interior of the cups had a red, blue, green, or yellow interior that matched the colors on the exterior decal. Like many other advertising Fiesta mugs made in the 1960s the glaze is clear. The decal placed above the glaze, and the white color comes from the mug’s white true china body.  

The two mugs below are Best China pieces, which used the familiar Fiesta handles. They can be found easily, but unlike the KSTP mug they are not true Fiesta mugs. The mugs were made after 1960 with true china bodies and covered with a clear glaze.  

Jerry Lefever

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dover Tureen

Collectors familiar with HLC’s Dover shape will recognize the pieces below as belonging the very popular Colonial White or CW-100 decoration.  The Dover is one of the few shapes that includes a tureen. 

This tureen is not too hard to find.  It is very large and was sold with a white plastic ladle.  The photo shows the coffeepot and tea cup and saucer.  A teapot and coffeepot were also available.

Recently, I found the similar tureen shown below.  It is decorated with 28 attractive pastel colored floral decals.

When I first saw this tureen, I thought it might be a HLC Dover piece.  On close examination are many differences:  the ladle is ceramic, it is slightly smaller, the shape detail is weaker, the handle placement is lower, it has a wet foot, and it has a clear rather than white glaze with the decals placed below the glaze.

The decorated tureen has no potters mark, but HLC Dover hollowware pieces are never marked.  HLC Dover plates are often marked, but are sometimes found no mark too. 

Because of the many differences, I believe the decorated tureen is not an HLC product, but it is a very close look alike.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Fiesta color: Lapis

Lapis is the newest Fiesta glaze color, and is the 31st glaze applied to the Post ’86 Fiesta line.  It is a very attractive and a welcomed addition for Fiesta collectors.

Just five of the Post ’86 glazes are blues.  Lapis is a mid tone blue glaze between the very dark Cobalt glaze and the light pastel Periwinkle Blue glaze.  Lapis is closest in hue to the coveted Sapphire glaze.

The next photo compares Lapis with the vintage blue glazes.  I included the very hard-to-find Power Blue Harlequin glaze, which is similar to the Post ’86 Periwinkle Blue glaze.  Lapis is closest in color to Harlequin Mauve Blue, but Lapis lacks some of the red that gives Mauve Blue its violet hue. 

Because Lapis is a medium blue similar in hue to Harlequin’s Mauve Blue, it brings memories of Becky Turner to mind.  Then I recall her great love of the Harlequin shape and her many contributions to HLCCA. 

Jerry Lefever

Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebrate Flag Day! Show your stars 'n stripes!
ATTENTION HLCCA 2013 Conference Attendees!
Conference 2013 Exclusive Saturday Banquet Auction Item!

The Homer Laughlin China Company 
has graciously donated a Lapis Two-Cup Teapot
 -- only 1 of 2 produced -- 
for the Saturday evening banquet auction!!
July 13, 2013

(no reserve / sorry, no absentee bids)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


The 19th annual East Liverpool High School Alumni Association Pottery Auction will be held on Sunday, June 23, 2013. The auction will feature pottery items made in the Tri-State area, plus other memorabilia related to the history of the area. In addition to items consigned or donated by individuals, the auction will feature limited-production pieces donated by local manufacturers.

The Homer Laughlin China Company's donation will be twelve individually numbered Fiesta® Coffeepots in the Flamingo glaze color.

The W.C. Bunting Company will contribute twelve individually numbered calendar plates in Fiesta® Flamingo.

The Hall China Company donation as of press deadline is yet to be announced.

Other items featured in the auction will include early pottery pieces and other memorabilia which are significant to the unique history of the East Liverpool area.

Absentee bids are welcome. Absentee bids for the auction should be sent to Deanna Plemons at the Clock Tower office by phone at 330-385-0591 or email Deadline for receipt of bids is Friday, June 21st, at 5 p.m., Eastern time. All sales are final.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eggshell Cavalier is one of the six Eggshell shapes. 
Below are photos of Cavalier with the
Lily of the Valley CV-3 and Empire Grey decorations.

 Cavalier is well known to most HLCCA collectors,
but are you aware that not all Cavalier is Eggshell?
 Below is Celeste, which was created by combining Brittany cups,
plates and bowls with Cavalier hollowware.
 It was sold to The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company 
and other premium companies. 
Celeste pieces are not made from the Eggshell material 
and they do not carry the Homer Laughlin name or logo.

Although Eggshell Cavalier never had a coffeepot, one was created later. 
Below is a photo of Tiffany Rose CV-156 pieces,
which were sold to Business Incentives, as well as for other companies.
 Again none of the pieces use the Eggshell material. 
The coffeepot is unmarked, but the plate carries a HLC mark.

-- submitted by Jerry Lefever

Monday, March 18, 2013

Think 50s!
Getting ready for the HLCCA Conference 2013 mixer??
Thursday evening, July 11, 2013

Be sure you make room for that black leather jacket or poodle skirt. 
Or maybe you just need Buddy Holly's glasses, or Donna Reed's pearls or anything from 
aloha shirts and porkpie hats to bobby socks, pedal pushers and varsity jackets ... 
'cos we're going to be heading back to those Fabulous Fifties...HLCCA-style!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Swing was introduced with the wonderful Eggshell material,
but occasionally collectors might find Swing pieces that are not made 
with the eggshell material. 
  It appears that these pieces were made near the end of HLC’s eggshell material run, 
or after it was discontinued.  
Two examples are shown below:

The first is a Swing 8" plate with the Dubarry CP-133 decoration.
It was made for Cunningham & Pickett, Inc.
The plate carries a standard potter’s, not the usual mark, with the Eggshell logo.
A second gold mark shows that it was distributed by Cunningham & Pickett.
This plate weighs more than the Eggshell plate and has a lower pitched ring.

The second example is a Swing AD Coffeepot.  Changes were made to the side handle and the lid loop handle was changed to a knob.  Also a lid retention lip was added to the lid and a point was added to the spout side of the lid.  It is heavier than an Eggshell version and has a translucent china body.  Perhaps it used the same material developed for the Triumph shape.  The decoration and potter’s mark are platinum.  This might have been sold as an individual serving pot to commercial customers. 

Jerry Lefever

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What’s your “Super Bowl”?!

- Fiesta’s 75th Anniversary Marigold Soup Tureens rolling out of the kiln.

photo: Elaine Epperly, 2011

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Close-up of HLCCA limited edition Clipper juice pitcher.

70 years ago, in 1943, 
Franklin Roosevelt became the first U.S. President 
to fly abroad in the Clipper - 
the first Presidential Airplane.

HLCCA members: limited edition exclusive juice pitcher celebrating the 1940s; 
log-in with your password for member price. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

HLCCA Conference 2013 • July 11-14, 2013
Celebrating HLCCA's 15th Anniversary!

Embassy Suites Pittsburgh-International Airport
Coraopolis, PA

HLC & Hall China Factory Tours, Exhibits, Show & Sale, Seminars, Auctions, Awards Banquet, Conference Exclusives, Lots of Door Prizes & Giveaways...

Watch for registration forms and further detailed information in spring issue of The Dish, on the HLCCA website, on facebook and here on the blog.