Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fiesta and Best China Mugs

This Fiesta mug was made for KSTP, a television station one mile from my home in Minnesota. The mug was used to advertise KSTP’s new color broadcast cap ability. The interior of the cups had a red, blue, green, or yellow interior that matched the colors on the exterior decal. Like many other advertising Fiesta mugs made in the 1960s the glaze is clear. The decal placed above the glaze, and the white color comes from the mug’s white true china body.  

The two mugs below are Best China pieces, which used the familiar Fiesta handles. They can be found easily, but unlike the KSTP mug they are not true Fiesta mugs. The mugs were made after 1960 with true china bodies and covered with a clear glaze.  

Jerry Lefever

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