Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eggshell Cavalier is one of the six Eggshell shapes. 
Below are photos of Cavalier with the
Lily of the Valley CV-3 and Empire Grey decorations.

 Cavalier is well known to most HLCCA collectors,
but are you aware that not all Cavalier is Eggshell?
 Below is Celeste, which was created by combining Brittany cups,
plates and bowls with Cavalier hollowware.
 It was sold to The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company 
and other premium companies. 
Celeste pieces are not made from the Eggshell material 
and they do not carry the Homer Laughlin name or logo.

Although Eggshell Cavalier never had a coffeepot, one was created later. 
Below is a photo of Tiffany Rose CV-156 pieces,
which were sold to Business Incentives, as well as for other companies.
 Again none of the pieces use the Eggshell material. 
The coffeepot is unmarked, but the plate carries a HLC mark.

-- submitted by Jerry Lefever

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