Sunday, May 31, 2020

Now Online —

While you're waiting for your paper issue to arrive in the mail - 
you can access the online version of The Dish
and also view previous archived issues:
1 Log into your HLCCA account at
2 Once you log in, you will see an option in the upper menu bar – 
next to the last option on the right “The Dish” – click here.
3 Please read the welcome message 
and then click on the cover to see this edition.
4 Now you will see the table of contents on the right and 
additional features on the top right.
5 Remember, you will need to be logged into your 
HLCCA account to gain access.
Be sure to check out the ads as there are some special offers 
from our loyal advertisers. 
Remember - The SideDish is now available on our home page 
near the bottom - check it out!

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