Friday, July 1, 2016

Flashback Friday- HLCCA Conference 2014

It’s time for Flashback Friday, but as our countdown nears the end, we don’t have to flash back as far. This week, we’re looking back at the color and fun of Conference 2014.
Conference 2014
16th Anniversary Celebration
Location: Hebron, Kentucky 
(Cincinnati Airport Marriott) 
Dates: July 10–13, 2014
• Welcome mixer: “Dishco Fever”
• Business meeting
• 4 seminars
• Speed learning: five stations
• Friday night consignment auction
• Show and Sale
• 5 judged exhibits
• Floral arrangement competition
• Tablescape competition
• Awards banquet 
• Post-banquet auction
• Closing session 

Judged Exhibits: 

Pottery on Parade — exhibited by Steve Douglas
An array of pieces from the 1939–40 New York World’s Fair American Pottery exhibit, including vases, ashtrays, and more. 
Somewhere Between Love and Madness is Obsession — exhibited by Denyse and Cliff Wentland
An amazing collection of more than 500 unique and different ring-handled Fiesta mugs, from 1936 to the present.
Yellow: An Underappreciated But Vital Glaze Color — exhibited by Jerry Lefever
Examples of Homer Laughlin’s many yellow glazes through the decades, reflecting their importance and extensive use in numerous HLC lines.
Evolution of Color — exhibited by Melissa Schlegelmann
The complete range of Fiesta colors, from 1936 to the present, representing how color trends evolve and how some new glazes compare to their counterparts in the past. 
Harlequin: Unique Shades and Shapes — exhibited by Kathy Holley
Examples of most pieces in the Harlequin line, in the original four colors unique to that line. 
“Let’s Dish” — Lorri Monahan
“HLC’s Yellow Glaze” — Jerry Lefever
“Come Over to My House” — Kathy Holley (presenters DaveTalbott, Rick Guizotti, and Trish Loven)
“Conversation with HLC” — Dave Conley 

Grand Award: Denyse and Cliff Wentland
Gold Awards: Steve Douglas, Kathy Holley, Jerry Lefever, Melissa Schlegelmann, Denyse and Cliff Wentland 
People’s Choice Award: Denyse and Cliff Wentland
Microzibits People’s Choice Award: Harold Cook—Royalchrome
Runners up: Lisa Steiner — After All These Years; David Schaefer — Hankscraft Fiesta Egg Service Set
Floral Arrangement People’s Choice Award: John Conley Williams
Runners up: Ken Clardy, Terry Stone and Caroline Thompson
Tablescape People’s Choice Award: Marianne Wander
Runners up: Harold Cook, Alice Fast
Favorite Dish Article: Merrill Miller, “Decals”
Homer and Shakespeare Award: Jeff Stout
President’s Award: Jeremy Stein
What a Dish—Best Banquet Costume: Bethany Wilson
Raspberry Award: Sallie Minnich
Conference exclusive pieces and gifts: 

Green stripe placesetting: dinner plate, teacup, and saucer
Centerpieces: Green stripe casseroles
    Green stripe bistro bowls (two sizes)
    Green stripe salt and pepper shakers
                Poppy pyramid candleholders
Ornaments: Green stripe with HLCCA logo
First Fire Poppy

This Conference saw stripes everywhere, as the HLCCA’s exclusive green stripe wares were debuted. But there was still plenty of red stripe and blue stripe around, too! 
The “Dishco Fever” mixer was a fun trip back to the 1970s, with platform shoes, lots of polyester, dance music, and lessons in how to do the hustle. An exceptional array of memorable personalities of the ear were represented: the Village People, dancing queens, the captain of the Love Boat, and Star Wars characters. There are probably still bits of glitter at the Conference hotel and in some attendees’ suitcases! 

A new feature debuted this year: Speed Learning. Attendees had the opportunity to rotate between five stations, each featuring a brief lesson related to dishes and collecting. 

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