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Flashback Friday: HLCCA Conference 2000

It’s Flashback Friday again! Our Countdown to Conference continues with a look back at the second HLCCA Conference, held in 2000. Already, this event had great word-of-mouth buzz and buildup in the early online dish communities and people were eager to get together, meet one another in person, and talk dishes! 
Conference 2000
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh Airport Marriott)
Dates: June 9–11, 2000


• HLC Tour
• 7 seminars
• Strawser Auction
• Show and Sale
• 6 judged exhibits 
• Annual meeting and elections
• Open house at Turdordane Antiques 


Dinner for Four with Serenade—exhibited by Andy and Jane Flachs
A display showing the lovely delicate hues and dainty contours of this short-lived pattern.

The Wonderful World of Laughlin Art China—exhibited by Marv and Debbie McNuss
A unique look at a variety of Laughlin Art China, examples of the different lines and numerous shapes. 

Decorated Toilet, Tea, and Dinner Ware—Mugs, Brushes, and the Unusual—exhibited by Fred Mutchler
An assortment of early HLC shaving mugs, toothbrush holders, and unusual pieces. 

A Spanish Fiesta—exhibited by Bill Beck and Kevin McCarty
Traditional Spanish tapas displayed on Fiesta. 

Distinctive and Joyful—HLC’s Riviera—exhibited by Bradley Payne
An informative display featuring the history, shapes, and colors of the Riviera line, including several unusual pieces. 

Epicure: Homer Laughlin Changes with the Times—exhibited by David Ross and Joe Keller
An extensive display of the distinctive colors and shapes of HLC’s Epicure line. 

• “The Frederick Rhead Journals” — Steven Beals
• “An Introduction to Epicure and Riviera” — Carl Carter
• “The HLCCA, Our Activities” — HLCCA Officers
• “HLC Art China Roundtable” — Marv McNuss, moderator
• “Homer Laughlin China Shapes” — Jo Cunningham
• “The Creation of a Shape, the Modeler at Work” — Joe Geisse
• “A Conversation with HLC” — Dave Conley

Conference 2000 HLCCA Awards: 
A “People’s Choice” award was added for the exhibits. Participants got to vote for their favorite exhibit.
Grand Award: Bradley Payne
Gold Award: Fred Mutchler, Bradley Payne
Silver Award: Andy and Jane Flachs, David Ross and Joe Keller
Bronze Award: Bill Beck and Kevin McCarty
People’s Choice Award: Bill Beck and Kevin McCarty
Best Dish Article: Bradley Payne for “Riviera: Making for a Colorful Century”

Saturday Show & Sale room: 
Conference exclusive piece: 
Juniper Fiesta Hostess bowls were the centerpiece prizes
The centerpiece prizes at the banquet were juniper Fiesta hostess bowls—both the shape and the color were new that year. But the bowl also made an excellent hat, as modeled by perhaps the youngest Conference attendee ever, 3-month old Dwight Holley.  The “Lil’ Disher”, as he was dubbed, is now 16 years old, still loves Fiesta, and has his mom accumulating shamrock for his first apartment. 

Banquet Keynote Speaker:
Regina Lee Blaszczyk spoke on the relationship between HLC and the F.W. Woolworth chain. 
Dave Conley, Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Matthew Whalen


The Conference drew 129 attendees—not bad for just the second one! 

The Friday night Strawser auction was a one-time-only event. Well-known Fiesta auctioneer Michael Strawser conducted one of his regular auctions as part of the Conference. More than 1,400 items were transported to Pittsburgh for the auction. A one-of-a-kind Sunflower Millennium III Vase, donated to HLCCA courtesy of The Homer Laughlin China Company, was an auction highlight. Other auction items included a rare vintage 10" Fiesta maroon medium vase, vintage onion soups, cake plates and medium green covered casserole. 

The HLCCA’s 1932 juice pitcher "Age of Radio" was unveiled during the Saturday evening dinner banquet. 

- submitted by Kathy Holley and David Schaefer

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