Friday, June 6, 2014

HLCCA Conference 2014 Attendees ---
ARE YOU READY for DISHCO FEVER?  Forget Saturday Night Fever—
we’ll all have “Dishco Fever”
on Thursday night, July 10, at this year’s Mixer! 

Whether your ‘70s style was a “Natural Woman” 
with embroidered jeans and peasant blouse… 
or a “Dancing Queen” with boogie platform shoes 
and big hoop earrings… 
or the “Thank God, I’m a Country Boy” look with denim vest 
and plaid shirt, 
there will be plenty of fun and surprises as you meet 
and party with your fellow dish collectors. 
Now’s the time to start thinking about your costume 
for “Dishco Fever.” 
Need ideas? 
Just Google terms like: Quiana, palazzo pants, newsboy hat, 
jumpsuit, handkerchief hemline, knickers…
and all those bad fashion memories will come flooding back! 

Go wild, be colorful, and have fun!
Any questions, contact HLCCA at

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