Friday, October 28, 2011

New Fiesta Items Introduced at New York Tabletop Show

Fiesta Serveware
At this week's Tabletop Show in New York, NY, HLC introduced exciting new items to the Fiesta dinnerware line.  The 5 items currently available in the ceramic-handled Fiesta serveware line will now be available in all 15 Fiesta colors.  Based upon the photo posted on the HLC Facebook page, it looks like 4 more Fiesta serveware pieces may be in the works: a spatula, a pasta server, and a smaller serving fork and ladle.  We're excited to see the expansion of this Fiesta accessory line, which should be available in stores beginning on November 15, 2011.

Fiesta Napkin Holder
We're also excited to see the introduction of the new Fiesta square napkin holder.  Attendees at the 2010 HLCCA Conference in Nashville, TN will recall HLC's Dave Conley passing around a prototype of this piece during his presentation.  The square napkin holder--which also makes a handy utility tray--will be available in stores on February 2, 2012.

(Photo credits: HLC Facebook page)


  1. I am seeing the meat fork and lasagna server in stores, but no new colors yet.

  2. Where is the napkin holder? We want it!!!

    1. Agreed! I have seen pictures of it for a year, but it doesn't seem like it actually exists.