Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wet- and Dry-Footed Fiesta Tripods: Vintage or Not?

A recent blog visitor shares with us a pair of red Fiesta tripod candlesticks, one with a wet foot and one with a dry foot. They both appear (to us) to be vintage red Fiesta pieces. What are your thoughts?


  1. Definitely both vintage. The dry foot still has lots of glaze on the inside of the candle holder. Like it was dipped then the feet wiped clean.

  2. Vintage for sure.

    Becky T has some great images of v/P86 tripods, perhaps she'll stop by and share a link to them. :-)


  3. From the photos I would say vintage. There are vintage dry foot tripods. I have some. P86 pyramids, in my experience, all have a spray pattern on the inside where the glaze was applied. Vintage tripods were dipped in glaze and have a much more solid coating of glaze on the inside of the candleholder. This pair is consistent with the glaze pattern of vintage tripods.

    Then there is the colour. On my monitor these are vintage red, not persimmon or another Post86 colour.

  4. Just now saw what you said, Candy. :-)

    Here's the link:

    From left to right in the photo there is an original P86 yellow pyramid, then a vintage yellow tripod, then a P86 sunflower pyramid.

    Next photo:

    This one shows the insides more clearly. On the left you can see that the vintage turquoise tripod has glaze all up inside the candleholder, while on the right the P86 turquoise pyramid definitely shows the spray pattern.

  5. These are definitely vintage based on color and were produced between 1936 to 1943. My understanding, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that almost all "early" vintage holders have a completely glazed base or wet foot while the "later" vintage holders from this period have the glaze wiped from the foot.

  6. I would have said that in the links you posted, none of the yellow pieces are of the '36-'43 timeframe... but it is really hard to tell on my computer. However the blue ones are quite easy: not only is the color wrong, there is the sprayed look of the glaze up inside and what nobody seems to mention; the '36-'43 run also had the three little marks where is was on a stand in the kiln. (which I did not / could not see on any of the yellow pieces)