Wednesday, August 19, 2009

200 Votes in on HLCCA Conference 2012 Location

Kansas City and Seattle are neck-and-neck, and the polls will be open for only another month. Be sure to let us know your preference for the location of HLCCA's "away" conference in 2012.

UPDATE 8/26/09: We're not pointing any fingers, but we suspect that there may be a little ballot-box stuffing going on with the blog poll. Apparently, it is possible to vote several times. Therefore, we'll also be distributing a mail-in ballot for the 2012 Conference location in a future edition of The Dish. Thanks!


  1. I promise I will help make Seattle a conference to remember!!!

  2. You would make a wonderful chairperson for a Seattle conference Rebecca.

  3. It should be easy enough for you to verify the votes based on IP fingerprinting - just saying....

    Come on people, are we adults here or what?