Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HLCCA Conference 2009 Floral Exhibit Competition

If you are planning to present a floral exhibit this year, please send in your application immediately in order for us to include a description of your exhibit in the conference booklet. If you have misplaced your application form, contact and request a replacement. If you weren't planning to present a floral exhibit, why not think about doing so? There is no charge to enter.

Be creative! Bring any Homer Laughlin vase, pitcher, bowl, or other HLC pottery item and let your imagination go wild! Floral exhibits are eligible to win the Best of Floral Show Award via "People's Choice" ballots. This limited, exclusive gold-decaled vase award is only presented to the winner of the Floral Exhibit Competition. Above is an example of an entry from the Floral Exhibit Competition at the 2007 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

See you in July!

(Photo credit: HLCCA website)