Monday, February 2, 2009

Up Close & Personal with Square Fiesta

At the Officers' Meeting in January, we got an "up close" look at the new Square Fiesta. David Schaefer brought along the pieces that were featured in the photograph on page 3 of the Winter 2008 issue of The Dish.

This blogger was very impressed with the pieces, especially the cereal bowl and mug, which transition from square bases to round tops. Square Fiesta is expected to be available in major department stores and on-line next month.

(Photo credit: David Schaefer)


  1. Four piece place settings of square Fiesta have already been showing up for sale on the Dillard's website. Do any of you to know if the pieces will be available open stock or will place settings be the only way to purchase them?

  2. Aside from what was stated in the article on page 3 of the Winter 2008 issue of "The Dish," we are not aware of HLC's detailed plans for the roll-out of Square Fiesta.

  3. I heard there were massive production problems.