Thursday, January 29, 2009

The New HLCCA Membership Ornaments Have Arrived!

The new 2009 HLCCA Turquoise membership ornaments have arrived and shipping will begin shortly! Monthly shipments will go out to members at the end of each month (starting at the end of January) as current members renew their memberships for 2009, or as new members join.

Single memberships receive one ornament and couple memberships receive two ornaments. Each year, a different color will be selected for the membership ornament.

The HLCCA membership ornament tradition was introduced as a Conference exclusive during the 2007 HLCCA Conference, with the release of the first-edition Plum ornament. The first general-release membership ornament followed in 2008 with the HLCCA Cinnabar ornament. This year, the tradition continues with the limited-edition membership ornament in Turquoise. All ornaments have a burnished gold HLCCA logo on the front, with burnished gold text and date on the reverse.


  1. These look great. I like the turquoise.

  2. And I just ordered a blank Turq and some Ivory ornaments, and my membership renewal isnt until next December!! Cant wait! Very cool!