Friday, April 29, 2016

Flashback Friday: HLCCA Conference 2005

We continue our countdown to Conference 2016 with a peek into the past! This year, let’s go back to Conference 2005 and “Get Lit in Pitt”! 
Conference 2005:
Welcome Back to Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Hilton Pittsburgh)
Dates: July 14–17, 2005
• Pre-conference bus trip to East Liverpool for shopping (Thursday, optional)
• Welcoming mixer: “Get Lit in Pitt”
• 2 showings of “Dishes” documentary
• HLC plant tours and outlet shopping
• Riverboat dinner cruise (Friday night, optional)
• 4 seminars
• Show and Sale
• 4 judged exhibits
• Awards banquet and keynote speaker
• Post-banquet auction
• Annual meeting
• HLC Fiesta Art on Art Contest, Awards, and Auction

Judged Exhibits:

In Praise of Pumpkin—exhibited by Joan Stock
Comprehensive display of HLC OvenServe pieces in pumpkin glaze.
Kid’s Meal—exhibited by Dennis Erlston
HLC wares and advertising ephemera related to kids and breakfast.
Homer Says—exhibited by Joy Wray
An array of decaled HLC pieces that commemorated special events.
The Many Shapes of Clematis — exhibited by Jerry Lefever
The popular clematis decal found on many different HLC shapes and pieces. 
“The HLC Company” — Judy Noble and Ed Wonder
“Photographing Dishes: Professional Advice for the Amateur” — Ric Evans
“Come On Over to My Place” — Daphne Durham
“Conversation with HLC” — Dave Conley

Grand Award: Joan Stock
Gold Award: Jerry Lefever, Joan Stock, Joy Wray
Silver Award: Dennis Erlston
People’s Choice Award: Dennis Erlston and Joan Stock (tie)
Best Dish Article: David Schaefer, “Fiesta and the Printed Page”
Homer and Shakespeare Award: Sandra Bond
President’s Award: Saarin Schwartz
Best Costume: Brian Cover
Raspberry Award: Gary Burg

Conference exclusive pieces:
Cobalt chop plate with gold Newell Bridge 100th Anniversary logo (for all attendees)
Centerpieces: Cobalt Monarch vase with gold Newell Bridge 100th Anniversary logo
Banquet Keynote Speaker:
Renee Stark, Merchandising Manager of Direct Marketing for General Mills, “Betty Crocker Meets Homer Laughlin”

Conference went to the heart of the city in 2005! The Hilton Pittsburgh is located in downtown Pittsburgh, giving attendees many restaurant and entertainment options within walking distance, and providing a high-rise vibe for the event. Organizers took advantage of the location and offered an optional riverboat dinner cruise on Friday evening. Thunderstorms and fog may have dampened the views, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the dishers on board!
Two icons are most commonly associated with this year’s event: the new color peacock (it was everywhere, along with peacock feathers!) and the 100th Anniversary of the Newell Bridge, that well-known engineering marvel built by HLC that spans the Ohio River and connects East Liverpool with Newell. Just a few weeks prior to the Conference, HLC gave away commemorative bridge ornaments to customers who crossed the toll bridge over the July 4th holiday weekend, then HLC carried the theme over to the Conference exclusives. 
Guests at the mixer mingled with life-size cutouts of some of Pittsburgh’s barons of industry: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Heinz, and George Westinghouse.

This was the first year for the “Come On Over to My Place” seminar, where both long-time and new collectors shared photos of their dishes in their homes. One of the first presenters was Jeff Stout, who announced the creation of “The Dishography” during his program.

The HLCCA’s 1937 commemorative juice pitcher was unveiled: the Golden Gate bridge on shamrock.

Unique to this Conference was the “Fiesta Art on Art” competition, sponsored by HLC and the HLCCA. Students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh were challenged to create art that integrated at least one image, shape, or likeness of a Fiesta item. More than 40 young artists entered the judged competition. Cash prizes were awarded for first, second, and third place and the artworks were auctioned off, with proceeds benefitting the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Dollars for Scholars Scholarship program.

- submitted by Kathy Holley and David Schaefer

Friday, April 22, 2016

Flashback Friday: HLCCA Conference 2004

It’s Flashback Friday! Grab your sunscreen, we’re off to Phoenix for a look back at Conference 2004! 
Conference 2004
Location: Phoenix, Arizona (Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort)
Dates: June 25–27, 2004
• Welcoming mixer: A Mexican Fiesta
• Friday night consignment auction 
• 6 seminars
• Show and Sale

• 7 judged exhibits
• Awards banquet and keynote speaker
• Post-banquet auction
• Annual meeting 

Judged Exhibits: 

A Taste of the Southwest—exhibited by Melicity Deatherage
An array of Southwestern decals on HLC wares.
Red Hot…Danger, Radioactive Area—exhibited by Gene Cox
A stunning selection of vintage red Fiesta pieces. 
Breakfast on the Riviera—exhibited by Gary Burg
HLC’s Riviera with some interesting go-along pieces as well.
Non-Judged Exhibits: 

Cavalcade of Carnival—exhibited by Kit Fox
A display of both Carnival dishes and the oatmeal boxes they came in. 
Find—exhibited by Rick Benning
Exhibit featuring serendipitous discoveries and surprising bargains that are every collector’s pride and joy. 
“Dishes—Collecting Fiesta” — Amy Levine
“Southwestern Sampler” — Melicety Deatherage
“Report from HLC” — Dave Conley
“Post 86 vs. Vintage Fiesta Shapes” — Steve Beals 
 “Insuring Your Collection” — Jim and Yvonne Tucker
“Dish Photography 101”— Becky Turner and Steve Beals

Grand Award: Melicity Deatherage
Gold Award: Melicity Deatherage, 
Silver Award: Gary Burg, Gene Cox
People’s Choice Award: Gene Cox
Best Dish Article: Linda Hedlund, “Homer Laughlin Goes to the New York World’s Fair”
Homer and Shakespeare Award: Darlene Nossaman
President’s Award: Becky Turner
Best Costume: Joan Stock

Conference exclusive pieces: 
Turquoise bread tray with Conference desert sunrise/cactus logo
Centerpieces: Turquoise carafes with Conference desert sunrise/cactus logo
“First Fire Scarlet” java mugs for all Conference attendees, courtesy of Homer Laughlin China

Banquet Keynote Speaker:
Debbie Goldstein, Director of Allied Arts and Art History instructor at Taliesin West, “Ozzie & Harriet and Homer & Russel: Post WWII Dinnerware Design”


This Conference was all about red. After years of hearing that “it couldn’t be done” collectors were thrilled that HLC had just debuted the new scarlet Fiesta glaze. Seeing it in person was like a dream come true and getting a new piece (the java mug) glazed in the new color was an added bonus. 

The opening mixer featured a mariachi band—the only time there’s been live entertainment at a Conference mixer. What a great, authentic touch! 

The documentary “Dishes—Collecting Fiesta” was shown to an enthusiastic crowd and director Amy Levine was on hand to talk about it and autograph copies of the DVD. Much of the film had been shot the year before at Conference 2003 and it was great fun to see friends and everyone’s favorite dishes in the film. 

There had been a small silent auction of consignment items from members at Conference 2003 and it was so popular that it was expanded into a live auction on Friday night. It’s become a highlight of every Conference since. (This first one had 130 items, last year’s had close to 300!) Having a dessert buffet beforehand was a bonus! 

The HLCCA’s 1936 juice pitcher, “Potter at the Wheel” honoring Frederick Hurten Rhead and the creation of Fiesta dinnerware, was unveiled at the Saturday night banquet. It’s the only two-sided pitcher in the series; the flip side bears a reproduction of Rhead’s bookplate, which had been designed by Charles Williams, Rhead's assistant.

Saturday night auction exclusives included a very limited number of utensil crocks and royalty vases with a matte terra-cotta glaze and white interior. 
Yes, it was hot—really, really hot! Temperatures during the event reached 106° (but it was a dry heat—yeah, right!). Many Conference attendees took advantage of the lazy river and multiple swimming pools at the desert resort. There was even a swim-up bar! 

- submitted by Kathy Holley and David Schaefer