Monday, July 22, 2013

Dover Tureen

Collectors familiar with HLC’s Dover shape will recognize the pieces below as belonging the very popular Colonial White or CW-100 decoration.  The Dover is one of the few shapes that includes a tureen. 

This tureen is not too hard to find.  It is very large and was sold with a white plastic ladle.  The photo shows the coffeepot and tea cup and saucer.  A teapot and coffeepot were also available.

Recently, I found the similar tureen shown below.  It is decorated with 28 attractive pastel colored floral decals.

When I first saw this tureen, I thought it might be a HLC Dover piece.  On close examination are many differences:  the ladle is ceramic, it is slightly smaller, the shape detail is weaker, the handle placement is lower, it has a wet foot, and it has a clear rather than white glaze with the decals placed below the glaze.

The decorated tureen has no potters mark, but HLC Dover hollowware pieces are never marked.  HLC Dover plates are often marked, but are sometimes found no mark too. 

Because of the many differences, I believe the decorated tureen is not an HLC product, but it is a very close look alike.