Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Fiesta color: Lapis

Lapis is the newest Fiesta glaze color, and is the 31st glaze applied to the Post ’86 Fiesta line.  It is a very attractive and a welcomed addition for Fiesta collectors.

Just five of the Post ’86 glazes are blues.  Lapis is a mid tone blue glaze between the very dark Cobalt glaze and the light pastel Periwinkle Blue glaze.  Lapis is closest in hue to the coveted Sapphire glaze.

The next photo compares Lapis with the vintage blue glazes.  I included the very hard-to-find Power Blue Harlequin glaze, which is similar to the Post ’86 Periwinkle Blue glaze.  Lapis is closest in color to Harlequin Mauve Blue, but Lapis lacks some of the red that gives Mauve Blue its violet hue. 

Because Lapis is a medium blue similar in hue to Harlequin’s Mauve Blue, it brings memories of Becky Turner to mind.  Then I recall her great love of the Harlequin shape and her many contributions to HLCCA. 

Jerry Lefever

Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebrate Flag Day! Show your stars 'n stripes!
ATTENTION HLCCA 2013 Conference Attendees!
Conference 2013 Exclusive Saturday Banquet Auction Item!

The Homer Laughlin China Company 
has graciously donated a Lapis Two-Cup Teapot
 -- only 1 of 2 produced -- 
for the Saturday evening banquet auction!!
July 13, 2013

(no reserve / sorry, no absentee bids)