Thursday, February 21, 2013


Swing was introduced with the wonderful Eggshell material,
but occasionally collectors might find Swing pieces that are not made 
with the eggshell material. 
  It appears that these pieces were made near the end of HLC’s eggshell material run, 
or after it was discontinued.  
Two examples are shown below:

The first is a Swing 8" plate with the Dubarry CP-133 decoration.
It was made for Cunningham & Pickett, Inc.
The plate carries a standard potter’s, not the usual mark, with the Eggshell logo.
A second gold mark shows that it was distributed by Cunningham & Pickett.
This plate weighs more than the Eggshell plate and has a lower pitched ring.

The second example is a Swing AD Coffeepot.  Changes were made to the side handle and the lid loop handle was changed to a knob.  Also a lid retention lip was added to the lid and a point was added to the spout side of the lid.  It is heavier than an Eggshell version and has a translucent china body.  Perhaps it used the same material developed for the Triumph shape.  The decoration and potter’s mark are platinum.  This might have been sold as an individual serving pot to commercial customers. 

Jerry Lefever

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What’s your “Super Bowl”?!

- Fiesta’s 75th Anniversary Marigold Soup Tureens rolling out of the kiln.

photo: Elaine Epperly, 2011