Retro Blue Stripe

On the HLCCA drafting table since 2007, introduced in sync with the 
HLCCA 's 15th Anniversary Celebration during Conference 2013, Pittsburgh PAthe Retro Blue Stripe was featured during the Saturday evening awards dinner banquet.

Conference 2013 exclusives unveiled were the 
• teapot
• 10" medium vase
• 10" dinner plate
• teacup and saucer
• ornament

During HLCCA Conference 2013, Red Stripe carafes were auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the Dollars for Scholars scholarship program (now known as the Mission Tuition Foundation) with funds earmarked to go to students of families employed by Homer Laughlin China Company or students living within the local East Liverpool/Newell school districts.

10" dinner plates (with non-conference backstamp) and tumblers 
were available in the fall, 2013.

5" footed rice/dessert bowls were also available in the fall, 2013.

Covered sugars, creamers, salt & pepper sets and mini disk pitchers
were introduced and available during Conference 2014.

As of July, 2014 the Retro Blue Stripe line includes:

Retro Blue Stripe

Bowl, 5" Footed Rice/Dessert (HLCCA backstamp)

Plate, 10" Dinner (Conference backstamp)
Plate, 10" Dinner (HLCCA backstamp)

Teacup & Saucer (Conference backstamp)
Tumbler (HLCCA backstamp)

Carafe (Conference backstamp)
Creamer, Individual (HLCCA backstamp)
Pitcher, Disk, Mini (HLCCA backstamp)
Shakers, Set (no backstamp)
Sugar, Covered Individual (HLCCA backstamp)
Teapot (Conference backstamp)
Vase, Medium (Conference backstamp)

Ornament (Conference backstamp)

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