Friday, June 12, 2009

What did YOU look like in 1969?

We're flashing back to the '60s at this year's HLCCA Conference mixer
with "Dishstock: Three Hours of Peace and Pottery." So what were you
doing 40 years ago, during the summer of Woodstock and the moon
landing? Were you a really cool teenager, or an adult already making
their way in the world? A school-age kid or just a baby? One of the
games we have planned involves matching up photos of conference
attendees from back then with their current identities.

We'd like as many of our Conference attendees as possible to send us a
picture of themselves from that era, preferably not one that you may
have already shared in a online forum. You can either send a digital
file, or the actual photo. The mixer committee will scan the photos
and have prints made, then return the originals to you at Conference.

So dig out those albums and find us some good pictures. Bad
hairstyles, big bell-bottom pants--don't be afraid to share them with
your closest dish friends!

If you're sending a digital file, e-mail it to Kathy Holley at Or if you're sending a print, mail it to:
Kathy Holley, 620 Ohio St., Racine, WI 53405. Thanks in advance for
helping make this an extra fun event!

(P.S. For instance, who's the famous couple seen in the picture below, taken in 1969 or thereabouts? Hint: They're NOT HLCCA members!)


  1. This sounds like it is going to be so cool! Great idea by the mixer planners. :-)

  2. The picture is pretty creepy though.

  3. The man looks like Jonathan Parry. The woman, I'm not sure...perhaps his wife?

  4. it's gotta be Bill and Hillary!

  5. and guess what? He DID NOT inhale. (could not pass that one up)