Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HLCCA to Reintroduce Stick-Handled Demitasse Cups

Years after they were discontinued, HLCCA is proud to announce that we plan to be the exclusive vendors of NEW FIESTA STICK-HANDLED DEMITASSE CUPS!

Working diligently behind the scenes, your Board of Directors has (almost) successfully negotiated the reintroduction of this treasured Fiesta shape. The major "stick"-ing point (pun intended) has been strengthening the cup handle and its connection to the cup body so as to reduce the amount of waste during production.

Through a fortuitous chance of local geography, the HLCCA has found a vast source of reinforcing material practically in HLC's backyard. Although we should probably not release this proprietary information in such a public forum, the operators of the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Plant in nearby Shippingport, PA have stated that they would be more than happy for us to take all of the spent fuel rods we'd like for this purpose!

Not only will this joint venture enhance local environmental quality and bring back a Fiesta shape that is beloved by collectors everywhere, the cups themselves will be SELF-HEATING, keeping your espresso piping hot all through dessert (microwave use not recommended).

At this point, we only await final approval by HLC, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Sierra Club. Please check the HLCCA website store soon to order yours!!!

(PS - Also, please check the date of this post)

(Photo credit: David Schaefer)


  1. You had me right up to the nuclear power plant!

  2. As long as they come with the original box!

  3. That is awesome! I hope you make some in black to match my Tokoname Kyusu. I've been looking for cups with this type handle for a long time but didn't buy vintage cause of the price.